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Sharing Circle

Every voice is heard, respected and valued in our Sharing Circles!


In sharing circles an environment is created for every voice to be heard, respected and valued. They are designed to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to share their thoughts as traditional practice in many indigenous communities from various parts of North America. Participants in the sharing circle are reminded to speak their own voice and express their own feelings. They are also reminded to not comment on what anyone else shares. Only the person with the talking stick has the opportunity to speak. The participants are encouraged not to judge what people are sharing but to be open for learnings from each other participant in the circle.

1. Speak from your heart
2. Listen from your heart
3. Be spontaneous (there is an energy carried with the talking stick, one can take a moment to feel into the stick and the collective energy before speaking)
4. Be essential (use your words wisely with not too many details if you are going to tell a story)
5. Everything said in the circle stays in the circle

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