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Yoga for Baby Summer Class

Have you always wanted to do yoga with your baby but have not yet had the chance? Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to bond with your baby while meeting other parents? Then this class is the perfect opportunity for you! Get away from the busy city and join us for an hour of movements, songs, love and laughter while doing baby yoga under the skilled guidance of Donna Adcock.

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The class will be summer-theamed, we will sing special summer-nursury rhimes to the babies and enjoy a moment of bonding with our little angels. The class is designed for babies 12 weeks to pre-crawling age, which will vary from child to child and it is a perfect opportunity for caregivers and their babies to not only bond and explore but also get an idea about how yoga for babies works. Another wonderful aspect of this course is the opportunity to meet other new moms! Never underestimate the power of friendship that can evolve in those classes!

What to expect?

This class will be filled with special summer songs and movements for your baby. This helps strengthen their physical body, stimulate their senses, improve their digestion and can provide relief for colicky babies. Performing new movements and holds with your baby provides the tactile stimulation necessary for development of their brain and nervous system.

The class will enhance communication between you and your baby, helping your baby move from reflex to voluntary movements. The physical benefits include; an increase in blood flow which can stimulate cell growth, strengthening of muscles, encourages straight and supple spinal growth as well as maintaining flexibility in the spine and joints. Through stimulating the receptors in the skin, baby yoga can increase the efficiency of your baby’s nervous system and promote hormonal balance.

Emotionally it will increase the bond between you and your baby, assist your confidence in handling your baby using a variety methods, build trust and understanding of your baby’s needs and provides the essential security for your child as they become accustomed to your touch, voice and smell. Baby yoga can help ease tension and encourage a more relaxed and calm demeanour. It can be a fun way to learn new skills for your babies enjoyment and watching their positive reaction can be highly rewarding.

Price: 35.- CHF

Max. Participants: In order to guarantee the best quality care there is a limited amount of 7 participants