Fabulous Women`s Circle - Connecting to the sisterhood

The wish to create my own Women`s Circle here at the studio has been within me for quite sometimes. I am very blessed to have so many amazing women in my life - women I look up to, that inspire me, who share my dreams and fears, who give me advice and make me laugh. These are women from all over the world, of all ages and with unique backgrounds. And so the idea to create a monthly Women`s Circle, where fabulous women get to meet, talk, dance and connect finally became reality last Friday when we had our very first gathering. And let me tell you - it was truly unforgettable.

Women Circle

Women’s Circle are an age-old tradition and as old as humanity itself. They offer a safe and sacred space for women to come together, use their voices, be heard and be seen and experience the support and love of other women. In the circle, we can share our stories, our hopes, and dreams, our worries and fears, it`s a place where we can experience support, community and maybe even a little magic. Usually, a topic is chosen before the circle starts. For this time the topic was "connecting to sisterhood" and "what does it mean to be a woman". I know, not the easiest question to answer, but quite a fun topic to think and talk about. And the great thing about a circle is, that there are no wrong answers. 


Since it was my very first circle to host, I was more than grateful and happy to have my friend Nicole helping me prepare the event. She arrived at the studio earlier that evening and together we prepared the food (all vegan, fresh and super yummy),  put the flowers in a vase and arranged the bolsters and the blankets so everyone would be able to sit comfortably during the event. After that we started to prepare and decorate our centerpiece. We put white roses in the middle on a white blanket, placed bowls filled with fruits, vegetables, hummus and guacamole around it in a little circle and added crystals, books, candles and of course our favorite goddess cards. Et voilà, our circle was ready to begin. 

Women Circle

Everyone arrived around 6:30. At first, I greeted everyone and welcomed them to the circle. I explained again what the purpose of a Women`s Circle is: Namely to have a safe space to meet, to share and to discuss topics that are important to us. It is also about connecting again to the feminine strength within us, to connect and experience the sisterhood, to build a community, to gain knowledge and to enjoy an unforgetable evening together. We started our circle with a short meditation, where everyone would close their eyes, take a deep breath and centred themselves. Then I red the 12 tenets of a Women`s Circle. I found that text during my research for the event and I think the words are just perfect to describe what our circle is all about. They are so raw, honest and beautiful and moving. After this, we all introduced ourselves by stating our name and the name of our mothers and grandmothers, as an acknowledgment of our ancestors and their importance and influence on our lives and talking about what we expected of the evening and our reasons for coming. After this everyone got to draw a goddess-card. Each card represents a certain goddess, such as Aphrodite, Isis, Pele, Rhiannon, Dana and many more. And every goddess has a different message/association. After we all drew a card, I red the meaning of each card out loud, which was funny because the book is actually in German so I had to translate it to English on the spot. Luckily the girls could help me out whenever I would happen to forget a word. The nice thing about these cards is that they are really good at answering a question. I love to tell the story of one of my teachers who once drew a card that told her that she needed to spend more time outside. However, she didn`t think that that answered her question and decided to draw another card. And again, the message was that she needed to connect to nature. So she drew a third card! And of course, the answer was again the same. We both had to laugh and agreed that the Universe accepts no short-cuts. 

white sage

After reading the cards we had some time to eat and discuss our topic "what does it mean to be a woman". This was really nice, because whenever you eat good food you automatically make connections to the people that eat with you and the atmosphere was very relaxed and joyful. Seriously, food is just the best way to connect people and since not everyone knew each other from beforehand, it was a great way to talk, to share and to get to know one another. Plus, by this time we were all very hungry and more than happy to fill our bellies.  

fabulous women

After our much needed and well-deserved food-break we continued with some more rituals. In the first ritual, we built groups of 3-4 people. One person would always stand in the middle, while the others would send love and compassion to the person. Feeling the support and compassion of other women is an incredibly moving and often magical experience. After this I put on my Trollabunding by Eivor which is one of my all time favorite songs (if you have spotify click here to access our playlist of the night). We turned off the lights and then we danced. I guess if someone saw us standing and dancing like crazy around the fires of the candles they must have been super confused. But we had a lot of fun.

Snapseed (1).jpg

After the dancing we gathered back around the circle and talked some more. Some of the women shared ideas about topics for future circles which was really cool. So if you have a topic that you would love to discuss feel free to share it in the comments. I closed the circle with a final meditation, in which we connected again to ourselves, the women in our life, our ancestors and mother earth. It had been a truly magical evening and I am so happy and grateful for each and every one who came. We shared our truth, we felt from the heart, we danced, we laughed, we ate and we enjoyed an unforgettable evening together. 

roses and women

Our next Women`s Circle takes place Friday 1. December.