Why you should start drinking celery juice every morning!

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If you are following me on Instagram you have probably already noticed that I have picked up a brand new daily ritual: I am drinking half a liter of pure, undiluted fresh celery juice every morning. And it has absolutely changed my life!

The idea of drinking fresh celery juice every morning on an empty stomach comes from Andrew Williams (www.medicalmedium.com). According to Williams celery juice has incredible healing powers and can be used to improve skin diseases such as acne and eczema, it can help with irritable bowl syndrome and indigestion, with tiredness, depression and anxiety, fibromyalgia (chronic pain), migraine, irritable bowl syndrome, inflammation and much, much more. He also claims that celery juice is able to attack and destroy pathogens and viruses in our bodies and restore our health in a gentle, natural and lasting way.


I have started to drink this miracle juice about 3 weeks ago and I can tell you I immediately noticed a change! From day one I felt much more awake and I didn`t experience the brain fog and intense exhaustion I would normally feel in the afternoon. I have been feeling like that for months if not years and the new found clarity was a life-changer for me! It is hard to explain what a change it is to go from constant mental tiredness to clarity and energy! Now I feel more active and I am able to think clearly and concentrated, I have more energy and can get much more done in a day than before. I haven`t had a coffee in three weeks! I also stopped having cravings for sweets! I used to snack a lot in between meals and especially when I felt tired and exhausted I would go for chocolate, ice cream or even gummy bears (yikes :-)). However, since drinking my celery juice in the morning I have started craving fresh fruits and vegetables, I have reduced my dairy intake and swapped pasta in creamy sauce for fresh, organic fruits and vegetables as the main base of my diet. By the way, I don`t mean the word diet in a restrictive sense, all of this has been feeling super natural and effortless. A nice side effect of this food change is that I have started to drop the baby weight I still had from my pregnancy. Suddenly, I am able to fit into my old dresses again!

How to juice your celery using a blender

So many people have asked me why I am juicing and how I am making my celery juice so I have decided to make a video explaining all the different steps. Since I do not own a juicer right now I am using a blender to get my celery juice. It is actually super easy and efficient as you can see :-)

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks I have found to work for me.

  1. Buy a whole bulk of celery to last you through the week. I usually use two whole bunches of celery for half a liter of juice. Cut them at home and store them in a tupperware in the fridge, this way they stay fresh and you get a nice and cold juice in the morning

  2. If you can buy organic but if you buy regular celery just rinse it firmly with some water mixed with vinegar to get rid of any pesticides

  3. If you don`t have time to juice in the morning do it in the evening and keep the juice over night. The healing cluster salts in the celery will last about 24h so you are good to go

  4. Simply use the pure juice without adding anything else, no water, no ice or lemon juice or anything.

  5. If you are not sure you like the taste of celery just start with a smaller amount and slowly progress when you are ready ;-)

Cutting of the leaves as they can make the juice taste quite bitter, though they are rich in vitamin C

Cutting of the leaves as they can make the juice taste quite bitter, though they are rich in vitamin C

Alternatives to celery juice

What if, for some reason, you cannot have celery juice? You might be allergic to it, really cannot stand the taste or maybe there is simply no celery available at the store on a given day. Andrew Williams also offers a couple of great alternatives.

  1. Cucumber juice: Juice two cucumbers and drink immediately (if you don`t have a juicer you can again just use the blender and strain it with the nut-milk bag as shown in the video)

  2. Hot water with lemon and ginger (allow the water to steep at least 15 min to really soak up the ginger and lemon)

  3. Aloe Water

  4. Lemon or lime water

Juicing, juicing, juicing!

Juicing, juicing, juicing!

Let me know how you like the video and how your juice journey is going :-)