Pregnancy has had such a powerful effect on my own relationship with my body. When I was still at university I used to suffer from depression and anxiety. During that time I felt completely disconnected from my body, like I was literally standing beside myself rather than being IN my body. I had no strength, no control and no real relationship with it. Then I discovered yoga and for the first time I started to feel confident and save in my body. The stronger I got physically the stronger I felt mentally as well. I started to see my body as a friend, a partner in crime without whom I would not be able to take on this adventure that we call life.

Now that I am pregnant, this relationship with my body has become even stronger. I am experiencing this absolute trust in my body and its incredible abilities. This body is creating and sustaining the life of the baby inside me! I am not doing anything, I have no control all I can do is trust this sacred moment of two bodies creating, growing, evolving together in perfect harmony. This body is part of this earth and mother earth creates! I can feel my bodies urge to create life so strongly within me. I can feel that ancient power running through my veins.

And then there is that part of me that can only sit here and observe, in complete admiration and awe. The part that normally has so much control, the thinking, deciding, intellectual, sense-making part of me. This part that is just learning to accept, to trust, to be. Here. In the now. On this journey. Together.